More Exciting Changes Are In-Flight!


Huronia Airport has been calling Tiny Township home since the ending of the Second World War. In 1965, Midland, Penetanguishene, and Tiny jointly purchased the airport and the airport commission was officially formed which became the platform for growth.

Since 1965 there have been many additions to Huronia Airport. In 2021 we are continuing our growth for the mutual benefit of aviators and the community at large. To gain a better understanding of the opportunities that lie ahead, the three owner municipalities invited The Loomex Group to conduct a comprehensive business review.

The Loomex Group is a team of professionals offering expertise in aviation and aerospace leadership, education and compliance, infrastructure and asset management, emergency management, safety management and construction.

After visiting our airport Loomex provided us with a strategic development plan, which is now known as the ‘Loomex Report’. The Loomex report provided us with several key recommendations that will allow us to offer enhanced services to the people of our community, along with local and transient aviators. Additionally, it will allow us to use our land in a way that supports all three of our ownership municipalities. When the airport commission began looking at the recommendations made by Loomex they decided organization is key to success. To this end, Loomex recommendations were organized into three categories from high to low priority each having suggested timelines.

The first recommendation that the Airport Commission decided to act on was to evolve the communications between the airport and the three municipalities. In March of 2021 the Huronia Airport Task Force (HATF) was created. The task force is comprised of 7 airport commission members, (4 appointed from the respective communities and 3 Council members) and 3 newly appointed staff who provide additional capabilities and resources. The purpose of the task force is to ensure that we have short-term and long-term goals in place with a robust plan to meet these goals. Eventually the board will present the conclusions to the three owner municipalities for their buy-in and support.

Huronia Airport continues to look forward to more exciting changes and accepts its new challenges and opportunities with open arms. In the meantime, please keep your eyes focused on our website for more exciting news!