Welcome Back!

This past month Huronia Airport (CYEE) had the amazing opportunity of catching up with some of our frequent flyers. Huronia Airport is always excited to see companies returning to use the airport.

Our first guest was the ATR-72 from North Star Air’s fleet. This incredible aircraft is recognized as the most cost-effective regional aircraft in the industry and can hold up to 9,000 litres of fuel. The ATR-72 is used to transport cargo and can reach airspeeds of 275 knots, which is equivalent to 509 kilometers per hour! This impressive ATR-72 was able to take full advantage of our new fuel system to continue its flight.

Our second guest was just as exciting. Huronia Airport was privileged to welcome the Leonardo AW139 Rotor Wing helicopter from the Ornge fleet. Ornge helicopters provide transportation to patients in critical need. Ornge continues to be a vital part of Canada’s health care system and Huronia Airport was honored to be able to refuel their helicopter and assist them with their important mission.