CYEE Airport Information

This data is provided for general information only and is not to be used for flight or specific navigational purposes.

  • REF — N44 41 00 W79 55 46 4SSW 11 ° W UTC-5(4) Elev770’A5000 F-21 L06 HI5 CAP
  • OPR — HURONIA AIRPORT COMMISSION (705) 526-8086 Registered
  • PF — B-1 C-2, 3, 4, 5,6
  • FLT PLN / FIC — NOTAM FILE CYEE / London 866-WXBRIEF or 866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
  • SERVICES — Fuel 100LL, JA -1 / Oil 20W50,15W50 / S 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • RWY DATA /RCR — Rwy 16(160°)/34(340°) 3996×75 asphalt Rwy 34 first 998′ up 1.14% / Opr
  • PAVEMENT STRENGTH — PLR 5, 51,700 lbs, 0.5MPa (70 psi) Tire Pressure
  • ICAO PCN — 12/F/C/.5MPa/U
  • LIGHTING — 16-AS(TE ME)AP, 34-AS(TE ME) AP ARCAL-122.85 type J, all lgt exc RIL RR on twy B
  • COMM ATF — UNICOM (AU) ltd hrs O/T tfc 122.85 5NM 3800ASL
  • NAV — YEE 112.8 Ch 75 N44 34 54 W79 47 36 (973′)327° 8.)NM to A/D
  • GPS/LPV  Approaches runways 16/34
  • CAUTION — Due to RWY slope on 16/34, acft on rwy ends may not be visible at opposite ends of rwy

Arrivals from the USA

Midland/Huronia Airport is a CANPASS ONLY airport that allows private and corporate aircraft which frequently fly to Canada to land directly here according to policies in place under this joint USA / Canada Accord.

Call 1 888-CANPASS  (valid across North America) for information or to report a planned flight to MIDLAND/HURONIA CYEE at least 2 hours prior to landing.

American or International aircraft without CANPASS must complete a telephone reporting procedure as outlined by the Canada Border Services Agency. Call 1-888-226-7277 for additional information.

Regional ‘Port of Entry’ airports include Sarnia, Windsor, Hamilton, Toronto City, Buttonville, or Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (Barrie/Orillia).

For additional information visit the Canadian Border Services Agency CANPASS website for private and corporate aircraft. Canada Border Service Agency

The Canadian Border Services Agency‘s website also has a dedicated, cross-border, travel information section. Here you will find important information and resources so you can know what to expect when you arrive in Canada. Visit this site for travel tips, information on traveler reporting requirements and much more. Know ahead of time what to expect at the Canadian border.

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